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The Hippy Feet Story

Our Mission

Hippy Feet is a social organization dedicated to supporting the homeless population. Socks are among the least donated, yet most needed items at homeless shelters. For every pair of socks sold, another will be donated to a homeless shelter on your behalf.

In addition to our donation efforts, Hippy Feet provides employment to people affected by homelessness. By offering basic skill training in inventory management, packaging, shipping, and sales, we are able to give individuals an opportunity to transition out of homelessness, into the workforce, and back on their feet. 

Not only are we passionate about giving back to those in need, but we also strongly believe in preserving our environment and supporting our local economy. Each pair of socks is constructed of environmentally friendly materials and made in the USA.



Our Story

In October 2015, founder Michael Mader suffered a severe head injury after falling off of his longboard. This accident provided the literal bump on the head that Michael needed to realize the impact he could have on others. In the months of recovery that followed, Michael found inspiration in the world around him and read about the desperate need for clean socks at homeless shelters. It was this discovery that led to the inception of Hippy Feet. After being awarded first place at the Wisconsin Big Idea Tournament, Michael received an Ideadvance Grant to turn his idea into a reality. Hippy Feet made its official launch in the fall of 2016.


Efforts To Date

As of December 2017, Hippy Feet has donated over 8,000 pairs of socks through street outreach and our various partner organizations. As part of our mission to employ, we have been able to provide jobs to more than 20 people whose lives have been affected by homelessness. With your help, we hope to continue these efforts and have the largest impact we can. 



We are proud to have developed partnerships with various organizations and shelters in the Midwest and are continually working to expand our reach. Hippy Feet currently works closely with a handful of organizations including: Youthlink, Women’s Advocates, Elpis Enterprises, Listening House of Saint Paul, Northlands Rescue Mission, Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative, and more. These organizations offer meals, shelter, services, and provide resources that are critical to helping struggling individuals.

As Hippy Feet grows, we look forward to working alongside other shelters, non-profits, and volunteers. If there is a shelter in your area where there is a need for Hippy Feet socks, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at